Surfacing Contractor in Sutton
Key Aspects of our Tarmac Surfacing Services

The surfacing contractors at Reddington Groundworks Ltd play a pivotal role in the construction and maintenance of everything from tarmac drives to road surfacing applications. Located in Epsom, we’re the trusted road, car park and driveway contractors for all surrounding areas in Surrey including Sutton. With a proud company history spanning close to 60 years, there’s very little we don’t know about the modern tarmac surfacing sector.

We lay thousands of tonnes of tarmac every year by hand or by machine. Road surfacing and tarmac drives are our bread and butter, but we also cover Sutton as a surfacing contractor for pathways, patios, walkways and more.

The cost of using road and driveways contractors with experience in tarmac surfacing tends to be more moderate than using those who only deal with premium materials. This isn’t to say we can’t offer a certain amount of flexibility with our services. Take tarmac drives as an example of this, and the fact we can lay in a range of stylish colours and aggregate sizes.

a residential pathway

Add in that we’re the customer-focused tarmac surfacing contractors who treat the customer as family, and it’s easy to see why Reddington Groundworks is such a popular choice for services in the Sutton, South London and Surrey areas.

Reddington Groundworks offers an appropriate labour and material guarantee on tarmac drives and road surfacing applications, which we deliver in a responsible manner and in full compliance with our own Health & Safety and environmental policies. We’re more than just a friendly, family-run business. We’re a safe, conscientious and intelligent service provider that takes care of its own personnel, other contractors and members of the public.

a paved patio area

Contact our tarmac surfacing contractors on 0208 394 2249 or 07442 494314 for services in Sutton and all locations in the surrounding areas.


TELEPHONE: 07442 494314
TELEPHONE: 0208 394 2249
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