Tarmac Surfacing in Epsom
Treating the Customer as Family

Family counts for everything at Reddington Groundworks Ltd and we have three generations of tarmac surfacing contractors connected with our company. All families have a home and Epsom is very much our own. What makes us so popular in our local area isn’t so much the high standards we apply to road surfacing work or the installation of tarmac drives. It is much more to do with the way we treat our customers and clients.

Use us as your preferred drainage, surfacing and driveway contractors, and we’ll treat you like part of the family too. At Reddington Groundworks, nobody is more important than the customer. Our friendly, personable approach is the same irrespective of whether you come to us as a domestic customer with an interest in a driveway or as a business client looking to find out more about our services as a commercial tarmac surfacing contractor.

Everybody in Epsom receives the same standard of first-class customer care. We look forward to not only meeting you, but also to welcoming you to the Reddington family.

Tarmac Drives

Choose our driveway contractors for a domestic project and our personalised brand of service surpasses expectation. Tarmac drives are a fantastic option for homeowners in Epsom with a medium to large area of land to surface but with a moderate budget that won’t stretch to a premium material such as block paving. Our tarmac surfacing contractors won’t be looking to add just a standard black driveway to your home either.

We can source aggregates in a range of colours and sizes, and specialist binders to use alongside them, for creating tarmac drives that have their own unique style – just like you.

tarmac road

Road Surfacing

You might be a small business, a major organisation or something between the two. When you come to Reddington Groundworks for help with a road surfacing project in Epsom, we still treat you like a valued member of the family. We work closely with clients or their chosen civil engineering consultants to deliver on their tarmac road surfacing needs with the perfect blend of professionalism, pride and personality – no matter how big you are!

We’re more than just a tarmac surfacing and driveway contractor. We’re a family, and we can’t think of a better way to highlight our credentials as a company.

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Contact our tarmac surfacing contractors on 0208 394 2249 or 07442 494314 for services in Epsom and all locations in the surrounding areas.


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